Limited Edition Plate

Song Birds

Limited Edition Plate by Trisha Romance

We often say that Tanya “came out” singing. She hums, chants and carols all day long. It was through the poignant advice of many that we enrolled our song bird in voice lessons. Before long she was competing in her first music festival. To commemorate this special event, we promised her a song bird of her own! From the festival we drove straight to an aviary in the country. After seeing hundreds of birds, she chose a contented little canary, that like her, needed little coaxing when it came to singing. On the way home she appropriately named it “Peaches”, and with a look that I shall never forget, she clutched the box tighter and said, “Oh mommy… I feel like I’m in a dream… I can’t believe I have a bird of my own on my lap!”

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