Romance Remastered

Breathing New Life Into Romance



The Artists’ Garden is proud to provide a service to reproduce your Romance limited edition prints which may have been compromised and damaged by harmful ultraviolet rays. Utilizing light fast inks and the gicl√©e process, we can provide a replacement which will rival your original reproduction and provide you with many more years of enjoyment. The replacement will be the identical size of your damaged print, will have the exact number and a new accompanying certificate. Your original copy will be destroyed. The artist will sign the print only after she`s approved the production. Please allow approximately three weeks for your replacements. There will be costs for this service, $190 for small prints, $295 for a medium and $390 for a large print.


Have your Romance collection evaluated to see if this procedure would be beneficial to you. This is a time sensitive opportunity based on the availability of the artist. Please call The Niagara Gallery toll free at 1-800-667-8525 with any questions you have regarding this process.